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Libby Zabit

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Height: 5'1"

Vocal Range: F3 - A5, Mezzo Soprano

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown


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Regional Theatre

To Kill a Mockingbird  | Jean Louise (Scout) | Barter Theatre / Katy Brown

Sense and Sensibility | Marianne Dashwood | Barter Theatre / Katy Brown

As You Like It | Celia | Barter Theatre / Sarah Van Deusen 

I'll be Home for Christmas | Rosie, Mary Margaret | Barter Theatre / John Hardy


The Tempest | Miranda, Trinculo | Barter Theatre / Carrie Smith Lewis

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe | Lucy | Barter Theatre / Barrett Guyton

The Wizard of Oz | Dorothy | Barter Theatre / Barrett Guyton

Hamlet | Ophelia | Texas Shakespeare Festival / Matthew Simpson

Much Ado About Nothing | Hero, the Watch | Texas Shakespeare Festival / Meaghan Simpson

Dracula | Lucy, Zora Barbu | Barter Theatre / John Hardy

Clue | Yvette | Barter Theatre / Nick Piper

Romeo and Juliet | Benvolio, Juliet u/s | Barter Theatre / Katy Brown

Wait Until Dark | Gloria | Barter Theatre / Katy Brown

Shrek The Musical | Teen Fiona, Elf | Barter Theatre / Katy Brown

Peter Pan | Wendy | Barter Players / Barrett Guyton

Tuck Everlasting | Winnie Foster | Barter Players / Barrett Guyton

A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Cobweb, Hermia u/s | Illinois Shakespeare Festival / Robert Quinlan

The Comedy of Errors | The Dromios | Illinois Shakespeare Festival / Kristin Schoenbach


B.F.A. Acting, Illinois Wesleyan University

British American Drama Academy 

Acting: Katy Brown, John Hardy, Eunice Roberts, Tom Quinn, Scott Susong, Chris Connelly, Nancy Loitz

Voice: Saundra DeAthos-Meers, Zacchaeus Kimbrell, Kevin Rich, Adrienne Thomas, Kassy Coleman

Stage Combat: Paul Dennhardt, Jean Kerr, Philip D’Orlean

Special Skills

Sword and Shield (Pass with Recommendation, 2018), Dialect: RP, Cockney, Irish, French, New York, Midwestern, Southern, Sketch Comedy (3 years), Baby Cry

Educational Credits

The Crucible | Abigail Williams | Illinois Wesleyan University / Tom Quinn

Dancing at Lughnasa | Chris Mundy | Illinois Wesleyan University / Michael Cotey

The Country Wife | Margery Pinchwife | British American Drama Academy / Martin Parr

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